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Oops! Looks like someone already took that username!
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Creating Your Account

When you first start the game, you're being prompted your username and your password. Since you're reading this, you're most likely new to OS-Scape.

To create your own account, begin by typing any username and a secure, strong and unguessable password. If you decide to re-use or use an insecure password, you're more likely to fall victim to hacking!

When the username you have decided to use is not taken yet, your account will be created. If someone else has already taken the username, you'll be shown the screen on the right. It simply means that account is already registered, and tells you to use a different username. Be creative!

It's highly recommended you immediately set-up 2-step authentication upon creating your account. Simply type ::2fa in-game to get started. This will secure your account against hack attempts.

Are you familiar with the PvP world?


After you have decided on your username and password, you'll be launched into the PvP server. You'll be prompted with an option to follow a small tutorial or skip it. If you're new to this world, it might be wise to check out the tutorial and see how the server works.

One of the shops in Edgeville.

Currency & shops

As you may or may not have noticed, the currency is not the usual stack of coins. You'll be using another type of currency called Blood Money (short: BM). These look exactly like the normal coins, but covered in the color of blood. There are shops just north of the bank, who are willing to sell you special items in exchange for some blood money.

Earning blood money

There are several ways you can earn blood money:


The most obvious way is killing other players in the wilderness. If you are able to conquer your opponent, he will drop some blood money alongside his items. The amount of blood money dropped by your opponent, depends on his killstreak.


If you are tired of killing other players, you can try your luck and kill some monsters.

Web Store

You can purchase Blood Money through our online store at a rate of roughly 20,000 BM for $4.95.

OSGP Donation

You can donate OSGP through the administrators in exchange for Blood Money or other store-only items. Please note that swapping OSGP is illegal on our server if not done through an admin.

The current exchange rate for OSGP is 1m:$1.40.