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A game mode is a core concept in OS-Scape economy. Your game mode is a setting that you carry for a longer time, or even indefinitely. It defines the benefits, experience multipliers and penalties while playing OS-Scape.

There currently are three game modes, reduced from previously four as Hardened was taken out in a system update.

Table outlining

To show the main differences in game modes, below is a table outlining each mode and its benefits.

Laid-back Classic Realism
Combat XP 1,000x 250x 10x
Skilling XP 20x 20x 10x
Increased drop rate Cross.png Cross.png Check.png
Barrows drop rate 1/45 1/33 1/26
Casket drop rate Up to 4.3% Up to 8.7% Up to 13.0%
Skilling pet chance -23% +0% +11%
Slayer points 1x 3x 5x
Reduced PvM prayer drain Cross.png Cross.png Check.png
Possible double loot Cross.png Cross.png Check.png


An Ironman has the exact same benefits as classic, besides that their combat experience is x20 as well.

Iron men are also restricted to the following:

  • They cannot trade;
  • They cannot make use of over/understocked stores;
  • They cannot gain items from PvP;
  • They cannot stake items;
  • They cannot take drops not theirs;
  • A kill only counts if the Ironman did 100% damage.


Laid-back is the fastest yet least-beneficial game mode of all. Even though it features fast experience multipliers (1,000x combat and 20x skilling experience), its downsides are worth hesitating about. This mode is generally only applicable to people who wish to PK as fast as possible yet do not feel at home at the PvP server.

The key points on this game mode are as listed:

  • 1,000x Combat experience;
  • 20x Skilling experience;
  • Lower chance on barrows loot;
  • Monsters less commonly drop caskets;
  • A reduced drop rate on monsters and bosses;
  • Lower chance to get skilling pets.


Classic, as its name implies, is the classical game mode most private servers offer. There is a decent multiplier of 250x on combat and 20x on skilling. Even though it has no penalties, it also does not come with too many benefits.

A list of key points would be:

  • 250x Combat experience;
  • 20x Skilling experience;
  • Normal drop rates on barrows, monsters and bosses;
  • Normal casket drop rate from monsters;
  • Slightly reduced chance on getting skilling pets;
  • 3 times as many slayer points from tasks.


Realism, as the name may suggest, is as realistic to the original game as possible. This mode is aimed at players who love a challenge, and they'll get rewarded for choosing the tougher road as well. There are no penalties, and quite some benefits:

  • 10x Combat experience;
  • 10x Skilling experience;
  • Improved drop rates on barrows;
  • Chance to get double loot at monsters and bosses;
  • Slower drain rate of prayer in PvM;
  • Kill count in God Wars is reduced;
  • More commonly casket drops from monsters;
  • 5 times as many slayer points from tasks;
  • Increased chance on skilling pets.


Even though game modes may seem to split a community, in practice it does not. You can still fully interact with players on other game modes and you can have a perfectly good time with your Classic friend while being on Realism.

The only clear separation is on the highscores. To have a fair ranking, players are split per their game mode to keep a fair ranking. This means that you only compete with people in your game mode, and the other modes have no influence.