Warriors' Guild

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Warriors' Guild location.png

The Warriors' Guild is a large building located just west of Burthorpe. You can access the guild through the Teleportation Wizard.

Obtaining tokens

Tokens are the currency used to buy untradables in the Warriors' Guild. You can obtain tokens by killing animated pieces of armour in the animation room. The minigame requires you to bring a set of normal metal armour, such as bronze up to rune armour. This set of armour should consist of a (full) helmet, platebody and platelegs. To begin the minigame, one uses any piece of the armour on one of the animation machines. After using the armour on the machine, the player will be forced to walk away from it and the armour will come to life and begin attacking him or her. Upon defeating the animated armour, the player may pick it up again along with tokens for defeating it; however, every time a player animates a set of armour and kills it, there is a chance that it will not drop a piece of the armour that makes up the set. This inhibition means that it is a good idea for players to bring multiple sets of armour. A higher-level armour metal increases the amount of tokens received as a drop, and lowers the chance of a piece of the armour set being destroyed.

A table of each armour set, with how much hitpoints each set has, how many tokens each drops, and its combat level is as follows:

OS-Scape player 'Iron Afrika' killing a set of armour.

Armour types

Metal Combat Level HP Tokens
Bronze 11 10 5
Iron 23 20 10
Steel 46 40 15
Black 69 60 20
Mithril 92 80 25
Adamant 113 99 30
Rune 138 120 40

Untradables shop

Shanomi's Treasures shop.

You will notice someone walking around in the animation room by the name of Shanomi. He is the local shopkeeper, and only he will exchange your tokens for untradables. You can find a list of his shop prices below.

Item Token price Item Token price
Zamorak cape 120 Iron gloves 50
Saradomin cape 120 Steel gloves 100
Guthix cape 120 Black gloves 150
Unholy book 320 Mithril gloves 200
Holy book 320 Adamant gloves 250
Book of balance 320 Rune gloves 300
Bronze defender 100 Dragon gloves 350
Iron defender 200 Barrows gloves 400
Steel defender 300 Void knight top 3000
Black defender 400 Void knight robe 3000
Mithril defender 500 Void knight mace 350
Adamant defender 600 Void knight gloves 350
Rune defender 700 Void mage helm 3000
Dragon defender 800 Void ranger helm 3000
Fighter hat 1000 Void melee helm 3000
Fighter torso 1000 Elite void top 4500
Fire cape 1500 Elite void robe 4500
Bronze gloves 25 Ava's accumulator 200